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5 grey doors that will make your property stand out

Often overlooked or misjudged as being one of the most neutral choices of door colour out there, we at Albion Windows are firm believers that Grey can be just as home-enhancing and eye-grabbing as any other shade or tone. To prove it, we’ve put together a rather diverse selection of 5 beautiful Grey doors perfectly primed to set the record straight:

1. Anthracite Grey Endurance Door

2. Grey KAT Spitfire Door

3. Dark grey solidor composite door

4. Light Grey Craftsman MasterDoor with sidelights

5. Two tone KAT Grey composite door

Beautiful grey doors from Albion that always make for a memorable entrance

These 5 eye-grabbing door designs merely scratch the surface of what’s possible with the colour grey. Throughout our 30 year history serving homes in and around South London, we recognise that these areas are full of variable property styles and homeowner… More

10 questions answered about uPVC Windows and Doors

For going on almost 40 years now, uPVC windows and doors have remained a British staple for most homeowners, largely due to their inherent flexibility and relative affordability. An unfortunate side-effect of this popularity however is that these products sometimes play victim to an unwarranted level of scrutiny and judgement.

To help separate the fact from fiction once and for all, we’ve put together this comprehensive of frequently asked questions about uPVC windows and doors, covering everything you need to know before having them installed in your home.

1. How much looking after do they need?

Virtually none whatsoever! More so than any other factor or advantage, uPVC windows and doors are infamous for their incredibly low-maintenance sensibilities that makes them easy to look after. You’ll never need to spend vast amounts of upkeep to them in order to keep them looking good and performing well, ideal… More

What are WarmCore doors?

Frequently recognised as the epitome of bifold door design, WarmCore doors are an inherently premium patio entrance style that delivers beauty without ever compromising on performance. Providing your home improvement budget allows it, once installed homeowners can immediately feel closer to the outside without conceding optimal levels of thermal efficiency. WarmCore doors expertly balance both, redefining the heat retention levels possible in wide span aluminium doors.

Prioritising thermal efficiency first and foremost

WarmCore doors take their name from the fact that they are engineered using a process known as “warm aluminium” frame construction. Carefully manufactured with polyamide thermal break integration that better works to reduce the threat of cold invading from the outside, U-values as low as 1.4 W/m2K are readily achievable. Your home will be warmer all year round, and energy bills lowered substantially.

Such high levels of thermal efficiency are usually unheard of within… More