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How to make your old conservatory usable in time for summer

We’ve all been there! Telling ourselves week after week that even though Summer is on the horizon, this is Britain after all, and as such the level of sunshine doesn’t warrant itself worth fussing over. Then before you know it, out comes the BBQ grill, sun cream, and shades until suddenly the realisation dawns on you that your conservatory simply isn’t up to snuff.

Lucky for you, the team here at Albion Windows can help with that. Giving you the tools to refurbish your home’s existing conservatory without the need to repair or replace, transforming the space into a welcoming area just in time for the Summer season. You’ll feel closer to the outside within the comfort of your property instantly.

Simple ways to make a noticeable difference

While the very concept of overhauling your old conservatory may at first be a daunting one, you’ll soon realise… More

Fit and forget: Low maintenance windows that are a godsend for busy modern lives

In such an era of technological advancement and convenience, it only makes sense for us homeowners to want these same advantages translated over to our home improvement desires. Thankfully, we here at Albion are experts in letting our customers enjoy a well-earned “fit and forget” mentality using our range of low maintenance windows. All of which act as a godsend for busy modern lives.

Ideal window solutions for 21st century busybodies

When getting home after a long day’s work or returning home for shopping, the last thing you want to worry about is how presentable your property’s windows are. That’s why our team make a point of installing your new windows to last well into the decades. Depending on your material of choice (timber, uPVC, aluminium), lifespan can slightly vary, but all offer complete peace of mind looking and operating flawlessly for years after installation.

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3 new entrance doors to choose from at Albion

High performance entrance doors suitable for every occasion and preference

At Albion windows, we always do our best to stay ahead of the game, giving our homeowner customers the ability and opportunity to make use of the very latest products. You might remember just last month when we added a whole new line of bifold styles, but now we’re shaking things up once again with 3 new distinct entrance door options: KAT Spitfire doors, Craftsman doors, & Synseal MasterDoors.

Craftsman door

True timber doors for the modern era, Craftsman doors excel at delivering some of the very best thermal efficiency and classic style, without any of the classical drawbacks such as warping or rotting. Every slab had been engineered to resist the harshest of elements, letting you enjoy a traditional style well into the future, all while boasting the natural charm of wood.

Discover more about Craftman… More